Increase sales the easy way

Gimme! makes your receipts work for you. Advertise sales, offer discounts, link to surveys or sell advertising space.
Setup is quick and easy using a device we connect to your receipt printer. Start adding graphics, text and QR codes to the bottom of your receipts. Content is easy to change and updated in real-time. See how the process works below:

Installs in under 15 minutes

Installation is quick, easy and most importantly without risk. By working through the printer, we do not need to install any software that could jeopordize your point of sale data. Your transaction process stays exactly the same and employees will not require any training.

Zero footprint and easily updated

We know your point of sale real estate is precious. Gimme!'s unique hardware ensures that nothing is taking up additional space.

Updating content is a breeze. Upload the content you would like on your receipts. New content is updated in real-time. Change the message as often or as little as you like.

QR code on receipt
Discount on receipt
Barcode on receipt
Your message on receipt

Try it FREE for 90 days

We are so confident you will love our service that we're offering it for FREE for 90 days.
After the 90 day trial, a flat, low fee of $49.99 will be charged monthly.